Watch Danny Dyer predict how England will win their World Cup semi-final on ‘Eastenders’

The actor's soap character, Mick Carter, thinks Gareth Southgate should sort out the current chaos surrounding Brexit, too

Danny Dyer’s Eastenders character has predicted how England could prevail in tomorrow’s huge World Cup semi-final against Croatia – watch the clip below.

Mick Carter, who Dyer portrays in the long-running BBC soap, is seen in the scene cooking breakfast as he explains how England can win tomorrow’s big game.

“I tell ya what we wanna do, we wanna stick someone on Modric early doors,” Carter explains about the threat of Croatia’s industrious midfielder. “He gets more space than NASA, that little mug.


“And we just sit back, wait for a corner: Harry Maguire, boom,” he continues. “Right in the net. Ta-ta, Croatia!”

“I’ll tell you what, we get in that final, we’ll win it. You know that, don’t cha?”

Carter also offers an opinion on the current chaos surrounding the government’s handling of Brexit – suggesting that the England manager should step in to sort out the mess.

“So he’s done the slips’n’all, ol’ David Davis [the former Brexit Secretary, who resigned on Sunday evening],” he says. “Get Gareth Southgate in there, that’s what you wanna do. He wears a waistcoat better than me!”

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that Dyer – or his Eastenders character – has voiced an opinion on Brexit. Last month, the actor spoke candidly about the progress of Brexit during an expletive-filled appearance on Good Evening Britain, where he labelled former Prime Minister David Cameron a “twat”.