‘Labyrinth’ is set for stage adaptation

It's also returning to select cinemas across the U.S.

Jim Henson’s cult classic film Labyrinth is set for a stage adaptation, says the son of the American filmmaker.

The iconic film, which stars David Bowie and actor Jennifer Connelly, came out in 1986. It follows a 15-year-old girl named Sarah (played by Connelly) and her quest to rescue her brother Toby from the centre of a giant maze where he has been captured by Jareth, the Goblin King (played by Bowie).

In a Forbes interview, Brian Henson said that work is underway on “a theatrical adaptation of the original movie for the stage.” He added that it may not “necessarily [be performed on] Broadway, it could be for London’s West End, but it will be a stage show, a big theatrical version. It’s very exciting.”


He also explained that work is slowly progressing on a Labyrinth film sequel. “We’re still excited about the idea of a sequel,” Henson said. “We are working on something, but nothing that’s close enough to say it’s about to be in pre-production or anything like that.”

Meanwhile, Labyrinth is set to return to movie theaters across the U.S. A newly remastered version of the film, featuring an introduction from Henson’s son, Brian Henson, and Labyrinth actor Jennifer Connelly, will air in select theaters across America. Full details are available here.

Discussing the new version of the film, Brian Henson said “we’ve remastered it and it looks absolutely beautiful. My dad did two giant world-building movies, one was The Dark Crystal and the other was Labyrinth. The only way to fully appreciate those worlds is to see them on the big screen.”

Elsewhere, David Bowie’s ‘Lazurus’ – a musical featuring songs written by the late legend – is set to be released as a film later this year. 

Bowie wrote the musical with Enda Walsh shortly before his passing. It was inspired by Walter Tevis’ novel The Man Who Fell to Earth, the 1976 movie adaptation of which Bowie starred in.