Neil Gaiman and Peter Ramsey express interest in making David Bowie film

"So it was tweeted..."

American Gods author Neil Gaiman and Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse director Peter Ramsey have expressed interest in making a movie about David Bowie.

Back in February, a David Bowie biopic titled Stardust, starring Johnny Flynn, was confirmed to be in production. However, Duncan Jones – the son of the late musician – said that he wouldn’t be giving the movie his seal of approval.

Today (June 7), during an interaction with a fan, Jones, who is the director of movies such as MoonSource Code, and the upcoming Rogue Trooper, reiterated that he would only approve of a film about his dad if Gaiman and Ramsey were involved.


After a fan tweeted: “Bowie is king! I would love a movie about my favourite rock star of all time but only if @ManMadeMoon Approves,” Jones responded by saying: “Well, as I’ve said before, it’s only happening if you all wish very hard and tell @neilhimself & @pramsey342 to do it.”

Ramsey replied first, writing, “Hey, no pressure…Neil…?” followed by a gif of a sweating Jordan Peele.

Gaiman then chimed in, confirming that he was in.


“So it was tweeted…,” added Jones.

Jones has since clarified that he will not be involved in the movie if it goes ahead. Responding to a fan he said, “I will be making Rogue Trooper. If it happens, Neil & Peter don’t need my interference on this grand endeavour.”

The suggestion there could be a movie approved by Jones on the way has understandably gotten fans excited.

“Shut up and take my money. Tilda should play Mr. Bowie in his later years,” one fan tweeted. “I’ve never been too keen on any biopic about your Dad but OH GOD YES if @neilhimself is involved!” said another.

A third wrote: “This thread makes me so happy. Your Dad deserves an amazing film that honours his memory.”

See more tweets about the movie below:

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Vampires have shared a new cover of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’, featuring Johnny Depp on lead vocals.

The band, which also includes Alice Cooper and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, recorded the cover at Hansa Studios in Berlin – the same place where Bowie recorded the original version of the song in 1977.