David Bowie’s son battling ‘Cloverfield’ and ‘Watchmen’ directors to helm new ‘Superman’

'Moon' director in the frame for superhero movie

David Bowie‘s son Duncan Jones is being considered to direct the next Superman film.

Jones was acclaimed for his 2009 directorial debut, the low budget sci-fi film Moon.

The new Superman film’s producer Christopher Nolan was impressed by the film that he has included him on a shortlist of directors being considered for the superhero reboot, reports Screenrant.com.

Cloverfield‘s Matt Reeves is on the list too, along with Watchmen director Zack Snyder and veteran blockbuster director Tony Scott.

Nolan, who is currently working on the third Batman script, is on producing duties for the new Superman reboot, which will be written by The Dark Knight‘s David Goyer.

It is believed that Superman Returns star Brandon Routh will not be reprising the lead role.

Meanwhile Jones is currently working on his second film, Source Code.