David Fincher to shoot ‘20,000 Leagues Under The Sea’ in 3D

Director also discusses other forthcoming projects

Director David Fincher is planning to adapt Jules Verne‘s novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for the big screen.

The Social Network director told Collider.com that he’s making the film for Disney using 3D technology.

He wouldn’t confirm that the adaptation would be his next project, saying he was still working on his English-language movie version of Swedish author Stieg Larsson‘s novel The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, due out in December.

Fincher also mentioned his long-in-development adaptation of Arthur C Clarke‘s Rendezvous With Rama, saying he hoped to make the film with Morgan Freeman.

Rendezvous With Rama is a great story that has an amazing role for Morgan Freeman,” he said. “We want to make a movie where kids go out of the theatre and instead of buying an action figure they buy a telescope.”

He also mentioned the idea of directing a remake of 1975 supernatural horror The Reincarnation Of Peter Proud.