David Hasselhoff says a new ‘Knight Rider’ TV series is in the works

And he wants to star in it.

David Hasselhoff has revealed that a new Knight Rider TV series is in the works.

Hasselhoff starred in the classic US show about a crime-fighting L.A. detective and his sentient car K.I.T.T. from 1982 to 1986. Various sequels and spin-offs have followed, as well as a 2008 TV reboot starring Justin Bruening which failed to land a second season.

Speaking to TMZ, Hasselhoff revealed that his recent Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 cameo came about because director James Gunn was a big Knight Rider fan, and this has now sparked interest in a revival series.


“I just look at life — I embrace Baywatch, I embrace Knight Rider — especially Knight Rider — and now we’re in talks about bringing it back as a series which is unbelievable,” he said. “And it’s cool because all of the people who have seen the other reboots of Knight Rider didn’t like it and I keep saying it’s got to be true to what it was. Let me be the old guy, let me be Devon. I can’t run, I can’t fight, I can’t jump, but I can still drive.”

Clarifying what form the reboot will take, Hasselhoff added: “We’re talking about doing a full blown TV series and we’re working on the rights right now. It really came out of my relationship with James [Gunn] and the fact that he watched the show when he was 8 years old. It was crazy. I had this idea for a long time and James just jumped on it and all of a sudden out of his mouth was ‘I’m trying to get the rights to do it.’”