‘Deadpool 2’ fan sparks police alert after turning up to screening in full costume

The moviegoer - along with his friend, who wasn't in costume at the time - was held at gunpoint by police in the Swiss city of Lugano

A pair of Deadpool fans were arrested at gun point in southern Switzerland this week after one of the pair sparked a police alert by turning up to a screening of Deadpool 2 in full costume.

The sequel to the Ryan Reynolds-starring 2016 film, based on the Marvel character of the same name, is out in the UK today, and will hit US cinemas tomorrow (May 18).

One fan in the Swiss city of Lugano got more than he bargained for, however, when he turned up to a screening of Deadpool 2 on Monday (May 14) in full costume as the titular character.


According to local news website Tio, Alessandro Botto and his friend Christian both attended the screening in costume – although Botto opted to keep his costume underneath his regular clothes so he could change once they arrived at the cinema.

However, as Botto explained, Christian decided to turn up to the cinema in full costume – and therefore broke local laws, which prohibit hiding one’s face in public.

“Neither of us feared it could be a problem,” Botto told reporters. However, both Christian and Botto were arrested at gun point by police and spent an hour at a police station – you can see a picture of the arrest below.

Officers later became satisfied that there had been a misunderstanding, and both of the men were released without charge – although Christian apparently had to pay a fine for breaking the law about face coverings in public.

“I must say that after the initial tension, even the police understood very well what we were doing,” Botto added. “The agents had a good laugh. However, my friend will still have to pay a fine. The law provides for it.”


Local police explained that they had been on the look-out following reports that a suspect had been spotted in the area with two guns – although this turned out to just be a description of Christian’s Deadpool costume.

“The intervention was carried out on the basis of police doctrine and tactics, which in these cases requires agents to intervene in an extremely rapid manner and to prevent the threat, even if presumed, without hesitation,” a police spokesperson said.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Deadpool 2‘s “most shocking” post-credits scene had to be cut after it was deemed to be too controversial.