Deadpool 2’s most shocking post-credits scene was cut

Turns out Deadpool can go too far

A scene from Deadpool 2‘s post credits had to be cut after it was deemed too controversial.

The sequel, starring Ryan Reynolds, is hitting cinemas this Friday (May 18). It also stars Zazie Beetz, Josh Brolin, T.J. Miller, and more.

Post-credits scenes are a staple in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, dropping clues for any forthcoming projects. Deadpool 2 will reportedly feature four post-credits scenes – one less than the originally planned five.


According to MCU Cosmic, the scene featured Hitler as a baby. Deadpool stands in a newborn ward, next to a crib with that name “A Hilter” written on the tag.

While pacing around, the baby cries before Deadpool says, “Shut up Ira, you’ll thank me someday!”. It switches to baby Hitler’s point of view as Deadpool strangles him.

It was cut after audiences at screen testings found the scene too uncomfortable.

**Mild spoilers for Deadpool 2**

The other post-credits scenes have also been revealed. They reportedly feature Negasonic and Yoiki fixing the time device, Deadpool saving Vanessa and jumping back in time immediately after and then saves Peter.


There’s also a scene that see Deadpool kill Weapon XI in front of Wolverine and another that sees Ryan Reynolds holding the Green Lantern script and commenting on how they “hit the big time”.

Meanwhile, Deadpool 2’s film score has received a parental advisory warning.

The official soundtrack includes five tracks titled – ‘Holy Shit Balls’, ‘You Can’t Stop This Mother Fucker’, ‘Make The Whole World Our Bitch’, ‘Pity Dick’, and ‘Courage Mother Fucker’ – as well as some other less offensively titled songs.

It was put together by Tyler Bates, who also worked on the soundtracks for Guardians Of The Galaxy, Dawn Of The Dead, and 300. When he heard of the parental advisory warning, he called the sticker a “badge of honour”.