Death Grips working with Tool’s bassist on their new album

First Shrek, now Tool

Death Grips have shared another in-the-studio photo, this time confirming that they’re working with Tool‘s bassist on their new album.

The noise-rap group recently grabbed headlines after they revealed they were working on their new album with the director of Shrek. Death Grips’ last record was the surprise-released ‘Bottomless Pit’, back in 2016.

Now, they’ve shared another photo of themselves in the studio with Justin Chancellor, bassist of iconic metal band Tool. Check out that below.


Working on the new album with Justin Chancellor

Posted by Death Grips on Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tool’s last album was 2006’s ‘10,000 Days’ and rumours of a new album have long been circulating. Frontman Maynard James Keenan recently confirmed that the band are working on that new album and that we’re closer than ever to finally hearing it.

Writing on Twitter, Keenan wrote: “Started getting music files from the boys w the word FINAL in the title a few months ago after 11 years of begging. That in theory means the tracks wont change out from under me while I’m trying to write stories and melodies to them. In theory. Still waiting for the FINAL on 1, …but way ahead.

“Words & Melodies 100% DONE on all but 1. Someday we’ll track them. Long way from the finish line, but at least we’re closer. Meanwhile new @aperfectcircle release on 4/20. #whileyouwerewhiningiwasworking #theresyourupdate #eattheelephant #aperfectcircle2018.”