‘Deutschland 86’ release date announced

The follow-up to the German spy drama is finally here

A release date has finally been set for Deutschland 86 – warning spoilers follow below.

The follow-up to the 2015 Deutschland 83 has been three years in the making, with 10 episodes set to be lined up.

It will make its debut on Amazon Prime in Germany on October 19, reports German website Serienjunkies.de. Walter Presents are yet to announce a UK premiere date.


The first series tells the story of a young man who not only is coming of age, but is also sent to spy on West Germany as an Eastern spy. It became the first ever German-language show to air on a major American television network.

As the new season’s name suggests, the story of Martin Rauch (Jonas Nay), his aunt Lenora (Maria Schrader) and the HVA continues three years later.

From Moscow comes the order for experiments to fill the state coffers with foreign exchange and to save the socialist project.

Martin was sent to Africa for his transgressions and now returns to the field. This time he has to carry out dangerous orders in South Africa, Angola, Libya, Paris, West Berlin and the GDR.

Speaking to NME in 2016, Nay said of Rauch: “The character was special. No matter what, he gives his best and the situation he finds himself in is crazy. He has to find his place in this totally different world – he comes from the GDR [German Democratic Republic] and comes to the FRG [Federal Republic of Germany] as a spy. He only does it because he’s being blackmailed by his aunt.”