Did you spot this sweet ‘Stranger Things 3’ Easter Egg in the finale?

Dusty and Suzie are the real deal, it seems...

A Stranger Things fan has spotted an adorable Easter egg during the memorable scene between Dustin and his girlfriend, Suzie. Check out the post below.

The cap-donning teen’s love interest was introduced at the top of season 3 of the hit Netflix show, with the pair having met at camp ahead of the events of episode one (‘Suzie, Do You Copy?‘).

However, the character wasn’t seen on screen until the season finale. Suzie’s absence from Hawkins left Dustin’s pals – along with viewers – sceptical over her apparent existence.


Steve and Dustin in Stranger Things

When she finally does appear, Dustin’s GF plays a vital role in saving the day – recalling the Planck constant sequence, which leads to the Russians’ machine being destroyed. Before she provides the important info to Dusty, the pair offer up a wholesome duet of ‘NeverEnding Story’ over a walkie talkie.

In the sweet scene, one Redditor has clocked a subtle Easter egg showing the love Suzie has for her new boyfriend. The fan points out that Dustin is wearing different headgear during season 3: a yellow and green hat with the Camp Know Where logo. During their musical moment, we then see the character’s original hat sitting on Suzie’s bedside table.

Check out the thread, titled ‘She has the hat, I repeat, she has the hat’, here.

Meanwhile, it was recently confirmed that The Simpsons will take on Stranger Things for their upcoming Halloween episode. ‘Treehouse of Horror XXX’ is set to see our favourite Springfield characters transform into Hawkins residents.


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