Dionne Warwick has just discovered Cardi B: “She’s authentically herself”

"I do have one question. What does Offset mean?"

Dionne Warwick has revealed that she only became aware of Cardi B for the first time this weekend, marking the latest in a series of musical discoveries for the soul icon.

The singer has won a legion of fans for sharing her opinions on modern artists in recent months, referring to Billie Eilish as “William Eyelash” and even announcing plans to record with Chance The Rapper after being made aware of him.

But on Sunday (January 10), Cardi proved to be the latest artist on Warwick’s radar.


“After today, I can confidently add ‘Cardi B’ to the list of people my niece has opened my eyes to. More on this tomorrow…,” she wrote on Twitter.

Cardi almost immediately reacted, responding : “”OMGGGGG I STAN !!!!” to the singer.

“Cardi B is authentically herself,” Warwick later clarified, but added: “I have only seen video clips. No music yet.”

Explaining her tweets, she added: “I did not listen to Cardi B’s music. Brittani sent me a video on the YouTube and a clip from her show where she dances with the very effervescent @msdebbieallen!”


It’s thought that she was referring to an episode of the Cardi Tries series on Facebook, where the singer enlists the help of dancer Debbie Allen to learn ballet.

But not content with just focusing on her new-found fascination of Cardi, Warwick then turned her attentions to Cardi’s husband – the Migos rapper Offset.

“I do have one question. What does Offset mean?,” she asked.

“Is there also an Onset walking around somewhere?”

Meanwhile, Teyana Taylor recently revealed she was keen to play Warwick in a potential biopic of the singer’s life.

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