Director ignores Facebook threats over ‘The Human Centipede’

Horror film triggers online campaign

Dutch filmmaker Tom Six has dismissed death threats that have appeared on Facebook ahead of the release of his controversial horror film The Human Centipede.

The film, set in Germany, follows a deranged surgeon who kidnaps tourists and performs gruesome and strange medical experiments on them, including the construction of a “human centipede” with two Americans and a Japanese man.

Six, who wrote and directed the film, dismissed the threats, telling BBC News: “On Facebook people made a fan page for myself and the film….some people say I have to be shot and some people want to sterilise me – and others say I’m the most genius film-maker there is. I knew when I made this film, it would provoke a lot of reactions because it’s pretty strange and not everybody can handle that.”

He added: “I take it all with a blink of the eye, because why would you shoot a film-maker? I don’t really care about it. Of course, there are a lot of lunatics out there but I don’t see myself going to a premiere with bodyguards around me.”

Six was one of the original Dutch directors of Big Brother and he is already planning a sequel to The Human Centipede, which he joked would be “My Little Pony compared with part two”.

The Human Centipede is released on August 20.