Director planning ‘edgy’ movie version of ‘Fraggle Rock’

Puppets to be aimed at adults when they hit the big screen

Childrens TV series Fraggle Rock is set to be turned into an “edgy” film for adults when it goes into production this year.

An adaptation of the show is expected to be released in 2012, and will see the classic characters including Doc, Sprocket and The Doozers finally making contact with the human world, according to early reports on the plot.

However according to director Corey Edwards who is also writing the screenplay, the film will be targetted more an an adult audience than the original series.

“We’ve had some very good conversations about what they think ‘edgy’ is and what I think ‘edgy’ is,” he told of his preparation for the film.

“We got down to the philosophies of why to even make a Fraggle movie in the first place. And I think they’ve [the studio] been able to qualify their word ‘edgy’ with the word ‘older’. They want this movie to connect with an older, more sophisticated audience.”