Disney confirm Deadpool’s future

Disney chairman Alan Horn has confirmed Deadpool’s future after the studio’s merger with 21st Century Fox.

Ryan Reynolds, who plays the character, made light of the merger in a recent tweet that featured an image of Deadpool sat in a yellow school bus marked “Disney” and wearing a cap with Mickey Mouse’s ears attached.

Horn showed that tweet and more during a presentation at Las Vegas’ CinemaCon yesterday (April 3) and said: “You’ll be seeing more of Deadpool in the years to come.”


Deadpool could now become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, along with many other characters, including those from the X-Men and Fantastic Four worlds. Although those characters exist in a separate universe from the MCU, it has been rumoured that Marvel bosses could bring their different realms together in the future.

Meanwhile, Reynolds revealed earlier this year that Deadpool 3 will go in “a completely different direction” to its predecessors. He said that the Disney/Fox merger could affect the next instalment, but a change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “Often, they reboot or change a character maybe like four movies too late,” he said.

Last year, the actor also spoke about wanting to explore the anti-hero’s sexuality in a future film. In the comic book canon, the character has been known to sexually fluid, having propositioned every character from Spider-Man to Wolverine and Lady Death.

“I certainly think that this universe needs to represent and reflect the world in very real ways,” Reynolds said. “The great thing about Deadpool is that we’re allowed to do things that other superhero movies don’t necessarily do. It’s something that I’d love to see more of.”