Disney criticised by fans for cutting ‘bisexual’ character from live-action remake of ‘Mulan’

"Rest in peace bisexual icon"

Disney has faced criticism from fans after they have appeared to cut a major ‘bisexual’ character from the remake of Mulan.

In the original 1998 animated film, Li Shang is the main love interest as well as being Mulan’s commander. Many fans have claimed that he is bisexual as he shows an attraction towards Mulan while she is disguised as a male soldier – and also when her real identity is revealed.

A casting call for the upcoming remake, however, indicates that the character won’t play a part in the live-action version of the film. The document shows that he has been replaced by Chen Honghui – who sees Mulan as a rival when disguised and only falls in love once she is revealed to be female.




One fan posted: “I cannot even begin to describe how uninterested I am in Disney turning Mulan into a story about a guy who only respects Mulan as a soldier and a rival when he thinks she’s a man and suddenly sees her as fuckable when he finds out she’s a woman.”

Another user added: “So the new character relentlessly bullies Mulan bc she’s better than him until he find out she’s a girl”.


Mulan is set for release in 2019.

Last year, Disney revealed Chinese actress Liu Yifei as the star of the remake. The casting followed months of scrutiny of Hollywood’s ‘whitewashing’ problem – where white actors are hired to play Asian roles. Many commended Disney’s decision to cast a Chinese actress in the role, including former Mulan voiceover actress Ming-Na Wen, who voiced the character in the animated version.

Previously, it was revealed that Disney’s Mulan remake would not be a musical like its animated predecessor.