Disney CEO follows Netflix and says company will boycott Georgia over abortion ban

"I think many people who work for us will not want to work there..."

Disney has followed Netflix and taken a strong stance against anti-abortion laws that could come into force next year in Georgia.

State Governor Brian Kemp signed a bill on May 7 that would make abortion illegal after a fetal heartbeat is detected sparking a backlash from many including the likes of Kristen Wiig, Handmaid’s Tale director Reed Morano and Bridesmaids scribe Annie Mumolo – who were all due to start work on upcoming projects in the Southern state.

Netflix was the first major Hollywood studio to oppose the bill, after boss Ted Sarandos vowed to partner up with the American Civil Liberties Union in the legal fight against the bill.


The bill will not come into force until January next year, but Sarandos says that Netflix could boycott filming in the state if their legal challenge proves unsuccessful.

Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos

“We have many women working on productions in Georgia, whose rights, along with millions of others, will be severely restricted by this law,” Sarandos said in a statement. Now, Disney have followed suit.

In a new interview with Reuters, Disney CEO Bob Iger has said it would be “very difficult” for Disney to continue working in Georgia in light of the anti-abortion laws.

Iger said: “I think many people who work for us will not want to work there, and we will have to heed their wishes in that regard. Right now we are watching it very carefully.”

He added that if the law comes into effect, he couldn’t “see how it’s practical for us to continue to shoot there.”


Bob Iger with Daisy Ridley

The stance comes after some of music’s most prominent figures decried the wave of anti-abortion laws in the US. Billie Eilish described it as “unbelievable”, while The 1975’s Matty Healy recently spoke out during a show in Alabama.

In his speech at Hangout Music Festival in Alabama, Healy said: “The reason I’m so angry is because I don’t believe [the ban] is about the preservation of life, I believe it’s about the controlling of women.”

He went on to criticise those who passed the law, saying “you are not men of God, you are simply misogynistic wankers.” He added: “You know what else is important? Freedom for women to do with their reproductive organs what they want.”

Other musicians including Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kacey Musgraves and more joined the voices speaking out against the controversial ban, slamming the decision as “heinous”.