DJ Food shares 30-minute Star Wars-inspired mix

The Ninja Tune DJ has just completed his residency at Secret Cinema's 'The Empire Strikes Back'

DJ Food has shared a 30-minute mix inspired by the ‘Star Wars’ universe to celebrate the end of his residency at Secret Cinema’s ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.

The immersive Star Wars experience, which Secret Cinema says takes audiences into “a richly detailed galactic space opera,” had the Ninja Tune DJ playing “in various locations and disguises” around the venue.

Last night (September 12) DJ Food, aka Kevin Foakes, played the ‘Cantina Bar’ after the film had ended, in what was his last show there.

The mix is called ‘The Tracks Go Off In This Direction’ and is available both to listen to and to watch as an audiovisual experience.

He said, “It follows the hunt for the Droids as songs and styles from the SW canon get progressively more random.” In the mix are genres spanning rave, hip hop and ska. He also includes Kevin Rubio’s Star Wars spoof, ‘Troops’.

“With a property like Star Wars this is a red flag to a bull,” Foakes has written, “so how long it will stay up is anyone’s guess. Grab it while you can…”

Stream the audio here, or watch the video below:

Secret Cinema was originally scheduled to end in August, but added seven weeks’ worth of dates, up until September 27, to meet “high levels of demand”. Those under 12 are not permitted to attend.

Secret Cinema hit the headlines last July (2014) when the first night of its ‘Back To The Future’ screening season was cancelled due to “unavoidable circumstances”. The company recreated the town of Hill Valley from the classic 1985 sci-fi film at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Leaving their mobile phones at the door, audiences were encouraged to attend in fancy dress and become part of the experience alongside actors.

In the end, over 75,000 people attended the screenings, including the film’s writer Bob Gale, who called it “a truly amazing experience”. A second season of ‘Back To The Future’ screening events is set to take place in Los Angeles this autumn.