Watch DJ Khaled Snapchat his son’s birth

Hip-hop producer documented his fiancé giving birth

DJ Khaled documented his fiancé giving birth to their newborn son via Snapchat at the weekend.

The rap producer is well known for his love of social media, previously liveblogging getting lost at sea on a jetski.

In the early hours of Sunday (October 23), Khaled took to Snapchat to keep fans in the loop as his fiancé was in labour.


Footage included Khaled chatting to doctors and nurses, him playing his own music in his partner’s hospital room and the sounds of his newborn son crying. Watch beneath.

Khaled had previously appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to announce his intent to Snapchat his child’s birth, arguing that his partner would be okay with it because “the key is that I’m the king and every queen should support the king.”

He added: “I’ma talk to the doctor and if he says everything is going to run smooth, meaning that the queen is right and my son is right, if it’s running smooth … I can just do my thing.”

DJ Khaled recently had an island named after him by the Belize Tourism Board.

The small Central American nation has over 200 low-elevation cayes or islands. In honour of DJ Khaled, the country has named one of them “Major Caye”, after his famous “major keys” Snapchat catchphrase.


The Tourism Board said it was inspired by Khaled’s “love for the ocean” and “constant positivity,” and invited the Miami artist to visit his namesake.

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