‘Doctor Who’ smashes BBC America’s ratings record

Series opener achieves channel's highest-ever figures

Doctor Who smashed all ratings records for BBC America last week, being watched by almost 1.3 million viewers.

The current series of the BBC‘s sci-fi drama has been given a massive push to establish it in the US, with the opening two episodes set and partially shot in Utah, with a massive promotional blitz in the country.

For the first time the show is being broadcast on the same day in the US as in the UK.

The tactics appear to be working. The Impossible Astronaut achieved the channel’s highest-ever ratings, with 1.27 million people watching live of via same-day PVR recordings, according to Variety.

The number beats BBC America‘s previous record, itself set by last year’s Doctor Who series opener, The Eleventh Hour.

Doctor Who continues this Saturday (April 30) with the conclusion of that two-part story, entitled Day Of The Moon.