‘Doctor Who’ star Matt Smith wants US success

Timelord actor wants to get the show to 'as many Americans as possible'

Doctor Who star Matt Smith has admitted that the show is going all out to break America this year.

For the first time the show, which returns to UK screens this week, is being broadcast on BBC America on the same day as BBC One (April 23). Its opening two-part story The Impossible Astronaut and Day Of The Moon has also been set and partially filmed on location in the US.

Promoting the series while in the US this week, star Matt Smith revealed that success in the country is a priority. He told the New York Post: “We want to get it to as many Americans as possible, because we’re so proud of it.”

Smith described the show by saying: “You’ll never get bored with a baffled genius turning up and saving the day with a toaster and a ball of string and being chased by a giant robot that breathes fire and talks with the voice of a calculator, on a show that’s not bound by space, logic, time or genre.”

Describing this uniquely British nature of alien hero The Doctor, Smith added: “He’s everything James Bond isn’t. I mean, he’s been on his own for 900 years, apart from picking up really hot chicks and saving the world …[he’s] really clever, but socially quite inept.”