Jodie Whittaker reveals her reaction to being told she was the new ‘Doctor Who’

The actor is the first woman to take on the role

Jodie Whittaker has spoken about her reaction to being told she would be the first woman to play the titular role in Doctor Who.

The actor will appear as the new Doctor in her first full-length episode on October 7. She appeared briefly when the character regenerated at the end of the 2017 Christmas special.

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show, Whittaker discussed the moment she found out she would be taking on the iconic part. “I went to what I thought was just a final audition and a chat with all the grownups,” she said.


“I was being all steely and when they told me the part was mine, I just started crying. They started telling me lots of important things about the role and all I could think was, ‘I really want to WhatsApp someone’.”

She added that she felt “joy, fear, and responsibility to the fans” and, while she thinks a female Doctor being “such a big deal in 2018” is “ridiculous”, it’s “an exciting moment.” “I can always say I was the first,” she said.

Meanwhile, Whittaker recently revealed how she came to audition for the part. Speaking to NME, she recalled going for dinner with new showrunner, and her friend, Chris Chibnall. “We were just chatting and I said, ‘Are you looking forward to moving to Wales? Please can I be a baddie?'” she said.

“The conversation quickly turned a very strange corner to when he suddenly said, ‘Would you consider auditioning for the Doctor?’ For me, at that moment, it was before anyone else had any notion that it could be a woman and I was immediately excited but also ‘Oh! It can be a woman’.”

Chibnall recently called the decision to cast Whittaker as “the easiest decision I made in my whole career.”