Dominic Cummings says government’s response to COVID “was like that Spider-Man meme”

He also referenced a scene in 'Independence Day' while speaking of there being no "lockdown plan" last March

Dominic Cummings has compared the UK government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic to an infamous Spider-Man meme.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s former chief advisor, who was at the centre of last year’s Barnard Castle scandal, gave testimony to the Commons Health, and Science and Technology committees at Westminster today (May 26).

During the lengthy questioning, Cummings made damning allegations against the PM, Health Secretary Matt Hancock and other government figures over their response to COVID-19 in 2020 and beyond.


He said that Hancock should have been fired on “15 to 20” occasions, accusing him of “lying” throughout the health crisis. Elsewhere, he alleged that Johnson had played down the virus as being the “new swine flu”.

In an attempt to describe the chaotic scenes in government as the pandemic began to take hold, Cummings said: “It was like that Spider-Man meme with both Spider-Mans pointing at each other. It was like that but with everybody.

“You had Hancock pointing at the permanent secretary, the permanent secretary pointing at Hancock, they are both pointing at the Cabinet, the Cabinet are pointing back at them.”

He added: “And all the different Spider-Man’s are pointing back at each other saying, ‘It’s your responsibility’.”

Viewers were quick to share their own take on the pointing Spidey meme on Twitter – you can see a selection of those below.


Dominic Cummings also said that the government’s lack of a “lockdown plan” last March was “like a scene in Independence Day with Jeff Goldblum saying the aliens are here and your whole plan is broken… that is what the scene was like that morning.”

He added that Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) data scientist Ben Warner was “in the Jeff Goldblum role” of David Levinson.

You can watch that clip below via BBC News.

Matt Hancock is due to give evidence to the committees next week. It comes as the government plans to lift all remaining social restrictions in England by June 21, having set out its conditional ‘roadmap’ back in February.