Donald Trump arrives in the UK to The Beatles classic ‘We Can Work It Out’

Divisive US President continues his tradition of playing songs by major artists

Donald Trump arrived in the UK today (July 12) to the sound of The Beatles classic ‘We Can Work It Out’.

The US President touched down at Stansted Airport this afternoon but when he was flown by helicopter to the US embassy, many people on Twitter reported that he was greeted by the Fab Four’s hit as he touched down.

CNN correspondent Kaitlan Collins wrote: “President Trump is in London. When he arrived at the Winfield House, the U.S. ambassador’s residence, there was a song playing in the background. Which one? ‘We Can Work It Out’ by The Beatles.”


BBC News White House correspondent Tara McKelvey also wrote: “The president – and I – have now arrived at Winfield House. It’s beautiful and I can hear the song that goes: “We can work it out” – and it smells like someone’s baking cookies. Trump says he’s popular in England. Yet hundreds of thousands are planning to march.”

It is unclear whether, permission was granted for the track to be played but it is unlikely going on Trump’s past record.


He famously played The Rolling Stones’ ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ as he departed the stage following his acceptance speech when he was elected US President in 2016, without the permission of the band.

Trump also provoked many musicians’ anger during his campaign, playing songs by the likes of Adele, Queen and REM despite the artists in question asking him not to.

The divisive US President will travel across the UK during his four-day visit, and it’s expected that he’ll be met with protests at every location.

There’s a huge list of protests meeting Trump during his stay.

It is very likely that there will be some resistance near you – you can find the entire list of events here.