Donald Trump watches ‘Finding Dory’ during protests over his immigration ban

Disney film stars Ellen DeGeneres

Donald Trump watched ‘Finding Dory’ with his family over the weekend during the protests over his executive order to ban immigrants and refugees from seven countries into the US.

On Friday (January 27), he signed an order putting a four-month hold on allowing anyone into the United States who is from Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia and Libya. Rihanna, John Legend, Win Butler and more have spoken out against the order, with Rihanna calling the new US President an “immoral pig“.

The order caused uproar across the US with protesters descending on major airports such as New York’s JFK airport and O’Hare International in Chicago throughout the weekend.


Despite that Trump watched ‘Finding Dory’ yesterday (January 29) for the White House’s first official movie screening. An entry on Trump’s official press schedule indicated a movie screening would be held in the family theatre, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Hollywood has made movies available to the White House dating back to the early 1900s. The first film to be shown inside the building was 1915’s The Birth Of A Nation, which was screened by Woodrow Wilson.

A source says the Trump White House has also asked to see the year-end comedy Why Him?, starring James Franco and Bryan Cranston.

Protests continued Sunday afternoon, taking place as Trump’s screening was underway.

After reports of the screening, Ellen DeGeneres, who voices the character, took to Twitter to address the ban.


“For me, America is great because of all the people who came here. Not in spite of them,” she tweeted, using the hashtag #NoBan.

She then added, “P.S. My grandparents were immigrants. The woman making us pizza right now is Muslim. And I’m grateful for all of them.”

Queens Of The Stone Age have also since branded Donald Trump a “barf inducing, fascist, clown penis“.