There’s something not quite right about Donald Trump’s new robot statue at Disney’s Hall Of Presidents

Many have compared its likeness to that of actor Jon Voight

Donald Trump’s new animatronic statue at the Disney Hall Of Presidents has been unveiled, and many are noting that there’s something not quite right about it. See photos and footage of the robot below.

The President now stands alongside robotic recreations of his many legendary predecessors, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and many more.

Now, visitors to the attraction can see the animatronic controversial President, businessman and former reality TV star, deliver a rousing speech as he commands the audience with his trademark gestures and hand movements – however many have taken issue with Trump’s likeness.

Some have taken to Twitter to either voice their general unease at Trump’s portrayal, or note how similar he looks to legendary ‘Deliverance’, ‘Heat’, ‘Mission: Impossible’ and ‘Pearl Harbour’ star Jon Voight. See some of the best online reactions below.

‘The Simpsons’ also recently attempted to recreate the likes of Trump, setting him up as predator with a penchant for bribery in a new sketch.

“I do the best bribes, everyone says so,” Trump remarks before brazenly offering Robert Mueller the chance to judge his Miss Universe pageant. The clip also goes unexpectedly close to the knuckle as it appears to reference the slew of sexual assault allegations that he has been forced to deny.

“If you wanna see the [Miss Universe] girls, just go in the door that says don’t go in”, Trump tells Mueller.

As the clip draws to an end, there’s also a clever nod to the efforts to clean up Puerto Rico – after Trump was widely criticised for his response to the US territory being hit by Hurricane Maria earlier this year.