Donald Trump’s Twitter password has been disclosed – and it wasn’t that hard to guess

Dutch prosecutors have confirmed that the president's account was hacked

President Donald Trump‘s password has been revealed after someone successfully logged into his account back in October.

Two months ago, a man named Victor Gevers claimed he logged into Trump’s Twitter account by correctly guessing his password to be “maga2020!”. Gevers shared screenshots on October 16th to back up claims.

When the news broke, the White House and Twitter denied the hack. However, today (December 18), Dutch prosecutors who looked into the case have confirmed that it did actually happen.


According to The Guardian, the Netherlands promptly instructed Team High-tech Crime, their police specialist cyber unit, to determine whether or not Gevers’s claims were true – and they have now shared their findings.

“We believe the hacker has actually penetrated Trump’s Twitter account,” said the Netherlands public prosecutor’s office, “but [he] has met the criteria that have been developed in case law to go free as an ethical hacker.”

President Donald Trump. CREDIT: Erin Schaff – Pool/Getty Images

They added that while hacking is a criminal offence in the Netherlands, because Gevers employed “responsible disclosure” his hack falls under the “special circumstances” that could prevent prosecutors from taking action against him.

His decision to disclose the hack to US authorities and urge the President to strengthen his social media privacy – namely by using basic security measures, like two-step verification – might have absolved him of any punishment.

It was also revealed that this wasn’t the first time Gevers got into Trump’s account. Back in 2016, he allegedly guessed Trump’s password was “yourefired” and once again granted him access to the president’s account.


Meanwhile, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have mocked Donald Trump’s reaction to his election loss in a new deepfake video.

Trump was beaten in the 2020 election by Democratic candidate Joe Biden in November and has since mounted several failed legal challenges calling for a recount.