‘Dunkirk’ is currently being boycotted in Chinese cinemas

The film is about a "disastrous retreat” and lacks any “Chinese values”.

Christopher Nolan’s Second World War epic Dunkirk has been resonating with worldwide audiences, however, China has now boycotted the film less than a week into its opening.

The film was released in China last Friday (September 1) and, as the Global Times reports, has recorded “gloomy numbers” since its release.

Cinema-goers in China did not receive the film as well as Western audiences, potentially for its glorification of General Harold Alexander who helped oversee the mass evacuation. Though lauded as a war hero in the UK, Chinese audiences criticise the figure for being responsible for the retreating of Chinese troops into India from Burma in 1942, resulting in the death of thousands, reports The Telegraph.

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New Weekly, a Chinese magazine, drew comparisons between Dunkirk and the Chinese action movie Wolf Warrior 2: “Wolf Warrior 2 depicts complete victory, whereas Dunkirk is about a disastrous retreat, which is very different from traditional Chinese values, so it will not perform very well at the box office.”

Watch the trailer for Dunkirk below.

Meanwhile, Christopher Nolan recently revealed that he considered making Dunkirk without a script. In an interview, Nolan says he “got to a point where I understood the scope and movement and the history of what I wanted the film to address, because it’s very simple geography.

However, the big-budget war movie was recently critiqued for shunning the role of the Indian army in the historic battle. The Indian Times write that “the Indian Army that had started the war with a little over 1,94,000 men had expanded to nearly 2.5 million men, becoming the largest volunteer army in history,” during the battle and “yet this significant contribution is missing”.