Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson hosted HQ Trivia last night – and players are suspicious about one of the winners

There was a jackpot of $300,000

Last night’s game of HQ Trivia was an eventful affair, with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson guest-hosting and one winner evoking suspicion in other players.

Wrestler-turned-actor Johnson was co-presenter for the night, promoting his new film Rampage. To mark the occasion, the quiz app gave away its biggest-ever jackpot of $300,000.

Appearing alongside regular host Scott Rogowsky, Johnson described himself as the “host with the most bicep reps, aka Strong John Silver, aka Muscle Westbrook, aka Gucci Dwayne, aka Dame Judy Bench Press”.

Evidently, fans were excited to see Rogowsky and Johnson as a duo:

You can re-watch Johnson’s hosting duties below:

The $300,000 jackpot was shared among 83 winners, meaning that each took home a healthy $3,614.46. One winner by the name of Scott Menke, however, caused a big reaction among fans.

“Who is this Scott Menke guy that keeps winning HQ?”, one player asked. Another added: “Don’t know what to think about this Scott Menke conspiracy”.

Menke, a quiz buff who has appeared on Jeopardy! and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in the past, claims to have won on the app 15-20 times, banking almost $12,300 in total.

He had previously caused speculation among fans after Reddit users noticed that his HQ photo was one taken with Scott Rogowsky.

Last month, Menke explained that he had met Rogowsky “at a holiday party” and that was “the only convo I’ve had with him”. He also revealed that the pair had attended the same school.

Taking to Twitter after this latest win, Menke admitted that he understood how his photo choice “looks shady AF”, but attributed his wins to “good old fashioned Googling and brainpower”.

Despite admitting to Googling some answers, Menke said that most questions are “not conductive” to searching online.

“The game’s not for everyone,” he added. “I played soccer for 7 or 8 years and realized I just don’t have what it takes to even be a competent player”.

In a statement issued to Metro, Menke said: “I understand the controversy given my picture with the host. But the reality is I’m just a trivia superfan who happened to run into one of his heroes at a party.”

“I’ve been very fortunate to win a few big prizes on HQ Trivia, which has been a combination of some skill (from my prior game show experience and trivia knowledge base) and a healthy dose of luck.”

HQ have released a statement, saying: “We strive to make HQ Trivia fair for all players and have constantly-evolving measures in place to ensure the integrity of the game, including reviewing accounts to verify winner eligibility to receive prizes.”

A source close to the matter told NME that HQ investigated Scott’s account and did not find anything irregular.