Edie Falco says ‘The Sopranos’ film could still be made

Carmela Soprano actor says she is 'always the last to know'

Edie Falco has said that the making of a big-screen version of The Sopranos hasn’t been ruled out yet.

The acclaimed HBO gangster drama finished on television in 2007 after six seasons with the episode Made In America. Fans have been slavering for a movie follow-up ever since.

Now Falco, who played Tony Soprano‘s wife Carmela, said that while she has still not heard for sure about a film from creator David Chase she has yet to give up hope.

Appearing on US TV’s The Early Show, Falco said: “I’m always the last to know. It’s usually my mother that calls and says, ‘You guys are doing a movie.’ You know, it could go either way.”

Falco can currently be seen on screens in the title role of Nurse Jackie.