Watch gothic pop musician Eivør deliver an eerie, epic show on the 360-degree UltraLounge stage

The Faroe Islands singer-songwriter makes the most of the immersive video screens.

Copenhagen-based singer Eivør, originally from the Faroe Islands, was surely destined to perform at the UltraLounge. The 360-degree stage, located in the Selfridges store on London’s Oxford Street, is flanked by huge screens on which artists can project videos. It’s an incredibly atmospheric and immersive venue – perfect for Eivør’s dramatic, gothic pop. She’s performing as part of Music Matters, a series of shows intended to raise awareness of the fact that, according to the Music Venue Trust, 40% of London’s grass-roots venues have closed in the past 10 years.

Held over three months and boasting talent such as R&B musician Mabel and synth-pop singer Shura, the campaign is a real celebration of live music. A fifth of the proceeds go to the Music Venue Trust; this is meant to preserve the spaces in which musicians cut their teeth at the initial stages of their careers. We’ve seen rap crew 67 take an immersive approach to the venue, with masked group leader LD diving into the crowd in the midst of a frenetic, ear-splitting show; and singer-songwriter Charlie Cunningham take a rather more restrained approach, playing his Flamenco-influenced acoustic guitar ballads alone in the middle of the stage during a hushed, moving set. Eivør, known for her incredibly impassioned live performances, takes a typically inspiring approach to the UltraLounge.

She combines the eerie, ghostly melody of ‘Surrender’ (”I know that you can hear me echoing through the chambers of your heart… No-one can keep me away from you”) with suitably ethereal visuals of a flickering white horse that seems to run across the video screens. In 2015, the singer-songwriter provided the soundtrack the historical, Viking-era BBC drama The Last Kingdom – having watched this epic, dramatic show, it’s easy to see why. Eivør is a unique musician and the UltraLounge gives her free rein to indulge her inventive musical talent.