Elisabeth Moss will play a ‘maniacally destructive punk rock star’ in her next film

Forever the rebel.

Elisabeth Moss looks set to continue her rebellious role streak in upcoming film, ‘Her Smell’.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Moss will play Becky Something, a ‘maniacally destructive punk rock star who pushes her relationships with bandmates, family and followers to the limit as she wages a years-long war against sobriety while attempting to re-engage the creativity that had once led her band to massive crossover success.’

Moss will produce the film alongside Matthew Perniciaro, Michael Sherman, Adam Piotrowicz and Alex Ross Perry.


It will be ‘The Handmaid’s Tale” star’s third collaboration with writer-director Alex Ross Perry, following 2015’s ‘Queen of the Earth’ and 2014’s ‘Listen Up Philip’.

“With ‘Her Smell, Alex has crafted another fantastic piece filled with memorable characters,” said Perniciaro.

“The film represents his continued evolution as one of our most important emerging cinematic voices. We are so excited to see this story about powerful, talented, beautifully flawed yet heroically unapologetic women come to life.”

Production on ‘Her Smell’ is expected to start in spring, after Moss finished filming the second season of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, which will return in the US in April (no confirmed UK release as yet).

Earlier this month ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ showrunner Bruce Miller revealed that there may be 10 seasons of the hit show, saying he “roughed it out to about 10 seasons when I was first working on it.”