Emily Eavis says she spent years trying to book Beyoncé for Glastonbury only to miss her set

A family emergency prevented Eavis from seeing Queen Bey's 2011 headline performance.

Emily Eavis has revealed that after spending years trying to book Beyoncé for Glastonbury Festival she missed her headline set in 2011.

As the ‘Crazy in Love’ singer was gearing up to take to the stage for her Glastonbury debut, the festival’s co-organiser had to rush to hospital as her newborn, George, was admitted with suspected meningitis. She, along with her husband, Nick Dewey, took their son to hospital just hours before Beyoncé was due to perform.

Eavis told BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs: “My son was 10 days old and got quite ill during the festival. The paediatrician on site said, ‘I’m really sorry but you are going to have to take him to hospital with suspected meningitis.’”


The couple didn’t miss the set entirely, however, as they managed to watch some of it at the hospital. 

“In the hospital there was this tiny TV which you could put coins into [to] watch the BBC coverage of the festival…I was putting coins in and it kept cutting out,” explained Eavis.

Happy in the knowledge that George was in the best place, Eavis did admit that she felt like she was “also missing this enormous moment we created. I was so happy to see [Beyoncé] went down so well.”

You can listen to the full episode of Eavis’ Desert Island Discs here.

Meanwhile, a couple who got engaged at Glastonbury Festival in 2017 have said they are planning to get married at this year’s event.


Jack Watney, 32, and Sarah Adey, 31, will tie the knot at The Croissant Neuf bandstand, located in the Green Fields area of the festival, at 11.30am on Thursday, June 27.

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