Emma Watson troll Rod Liddle defends his ‘boring, whiny leftie’ insults in new column

The Sun writer now calls Watson 'That lass from Harry Potter who shagged Ron Weasly'

The Sun writer Rod Liddle has defended his newspaper column in which he called Emma Watson “a boring, whining lefty.”

In a column for the newspaper last week, Liddle wrote that the actress’ address to the UN General Assembly on sexual assault “bored the UN with whining, lefty, PC crap.” Referring to Watson as “That lass from Harry Potter”, Liddle’s column was widely attacked as patronising and sexist. Dismissing Watson’s role as Goodwill Ambassador, Liddle wrote: “What’s that when it’s at home?”

The 1975 singer Matt Healy pointed out that Watson was a graduate of New York’s Brown University, where she studied English literature. Healy tweeted a link to Liddle’s article, adding: “Female graduate of Brown University gives wonderful speech on sexual assault. The Sun responds accordingly by writing this. Fuck me.”

But Liddle, in a new Sun column, again dismissed Watson. He typed: “I was stupid enough to say nasty things about Hermoine Granger. You know, that lass from Harry Potter who was good at spells and shagged Ron Weasly, I think.”

Liddle said he was “sick to the gullet” of celebrities’ views being taken seriously and accused the UN of only inviting Watson because of her fame. He ‘wrote’: “I don’t mind them saying what they think. I just object to serious people such as the UN giving them credence.”

The columnist, who was given a police caution in 2005 for assaulting his pregnant partner Alicia Monkton, went on: “The UN should have invited someone who has truly suffered or knows a bit about sexual assault.”