Eni Aluko at NME #Lifehacks: “You’ve got to find a sweet spot where your skill meets your passion”

Aluko spoke alongside rapper Loyle Carner at London’s Islington Metal Works

Yesterday (November 23), the second NME #Lifehacks event took place at London’s Islington Metal Works, including a live Q&A with Chelsea footballer Eniola Aluko.

NME teamed up with with University of Salford and youth initiative Create Jobs for an afternoon and evening of talks and activities designed to help people kick-start their career in the creative industries.

Speaking on a panel alongside London musician Loyle Carner, Aluko addressed questions about social media, politics, female empowerment and what keeps her motivated.

“You’ve got to find a sweet spot where you skill meets your passion, meets your job,” she said, when asked about her secrets to success. “If you’re at uni just because your parents have said so… There’s a lot of success stories of people who have dropped out. I really enjoyed my degree. But there’s so many people I went to uni with that didn’t. You can always go to uni later on in life. There’s no set way. If you are at uni, work hard. Strive for your best.”

Watch the full NME Facebook live chat below.

Currently playing for Chelsea, Aluko helped her side to to the 2015 FA Cup, the club’s first major trophy in his history. Speaking at #Lifehacks, she said she always strived for more. “The motivation to always achieve something better than what you achieved before it what keeps me motivated. When all is said and done, and you’re retired and you’re old and grey, you can say you’re proud of yourself. That’s what keeps me motivated.”

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