Ewan McGregor shares emotional reaction to Oasis ‘Supersonic’ film

'I'm so happy. I'm so sad. I want to go back'

Ewan McGregor has shared his emotional reaction after watching the acclaimed Oasis film ‘Supersonic‘.

Yesterday, the full trailer for ‘Trainspotting 2’ or ‘T2’ was unveiled – picking up 20 years on from the 1996 original, set in the height of the heady Britpop era of the 90s when Oasis were at their peak.

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Fittingly, Ewan McGregor has opened up about his bittersweet feelings watching the latest Oasis biopic ‘Supersonic’ – sharing a sense of fond memories, but a longing nostalgia by Tweeting: “I’m so happy. I’m so sad. This film killed me. I want to go back.”

Last month it was revealed that Oasis turned down the chance to appear on the legendary soundtrack for the original ‘Trainspotting’ movie, as they thought the film was actually about the hobby of trainspotting – rather than heroin addiction.

“Danny [Boyle] is from near Manchester and he was very keen to have Noel Gallagher do something but there was a reason why he didn’t do it,” said producer Andrew Macdonald said. “He came to the launch party in Cannes, but I don’t know why he didn’t do a piece of music.”

Designer Rachel Fleming then added: “I met Noel at a thing the other week and he said to me: ‘I would have done something, but honestly I thought it was about train spotters. I didn’t know.’ That’s what he actually said.”

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