This exclusive Samsung Galaxy S9 deal is too good to be true

Save your precious pounds with this deal

It’s basically impossible to live without your smartphone these days. How did we function before we had a constant form of communication, our camera and our dating app all in our back pocket? But sometimes it does come time to retire your trusty device, and thus begins the lengthy process of picking your next mobile. But if you need to save time, there’s a clear winner at the moment, in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

What with its killer camera (it’s the first smartphone with mechanical aperture – meaning that it’ll take brilliant photos even when you’re in low-light), a better display than ever (it’s now AMOLED – so it’s ridiculously high quality), and its trademark sleek look, Samsung have created another winner here.

And if you needed any more persuading, we’ve partnered with to get you an outrageously good deal on the Samsung Galaxy S9.


Get it now: Samsung Galaxy S9 for £39pm & £120 upfront with 16GB data from

You’ll be able to get a Samsung Galaxy S9 for just £39 a month with an upfront cost of £120. With that you’ll get unlimited minutes and texts, as well as 16GB of data. And if you buy through they also have a Double Your Memory promotion, which means you’ll get a free free 64GB microSD card, in addition to the phone’s built in 64GB of storage – so you’ll definitely have space for all of your selfies.

Samsung Galaxy S9
For the Samsung Galaxy 9 and the 24 month contract, this works out at just £1,059 over the two years. With the phone retailing at £739, this means you’re basically only paying just over £13 a month for the contract. And if you got the same contract directly from Vodafone, you could expect to pay £1,445 over the two years – so with you’re making the massive saving of £386 – just think how many gig tickets that is!

Want to get your hands on this amazing deal? Follow this link to, where you’ll be able to get this exclusive offer, as well as several others from O2 and EE.

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