Fame “fries my brain”, ‘Inbetweeners’ star James Buckley reveals

"You will become a bit insane"

Inbetweeners star James Buckley has spoken about the anxiety he experiences from being famous.

The 31-year-old actor was talking on his own podcast, Complete Load of Podcast, when he admitted to feeling “constantly on edge” thanks to his “low-level” celebrity status – sometimes to the point where he feels he can’t leave the house.

Responding to a fan’s question on the podcast, Buckley said his “low level of fame” was good for booking a table at a restaurant but there were no “actual pros of being famous” and that “you will become a bit insane”.


Co-host Matt Whiston listened to Buckley’s comments, which ranged from the cons of “basically not being able to relax” to “not being able to feel like you’re not ‘on’ when you leave the house, at any point.”

Buckley continued: “I don’t wanna whinge about it….but it does make me anxious, it does make me very self-conscious, it does make me uncomfortable.”

He also said that he dislikes it when people take “sneaky pictures” of him in public, instead of coming up to him and asking for a photo.

James Buckley
James Buckley

“It’s something I find really difficult,” he explained. “People take secret pictures of me… it fries my brain. I’m just a bloke, Just come and talk to me, I’d love to talk to you.”


Elsewhere in the broadcast Buckley said he’s “accidentally” famous.

He said: “I’m not built to be famous, I’m not a star. I’m not special, so being stared at makes me very anxious.”

Earlier this year, the actor revealed how disappointed he was about the backlash to the Inbetweeners reunion special, which some fans had labelled “awkward” and “awful”.

Buckley commented: “The thing that’s really difficult with it is that, in my job, I’m used to being criticised – especially with the small amount of talent that I have, I’m wide open for criticism.

‘The Inbetweeners’ movie

“The worst thing is when people criticise you and you go, ‘Yeah, you’re right.’ It’s really hard to take,” he said.

He explained that the reunion special was “really rushed” due to him and his co-stars Joe Thomas, Blake Harrison and Simon Bird all being busy with other projects. “I was just as disappointed as everyone else when that thing came out,” Buckley admitted.