Families of 7/7 victims protest againts Chris Morris’ ‘Four Lions’

Relatives of victims call for cinemas not to show comedy

Families who lost relatives in the London bomb attacks of 2005 are calling for cinemas not to screen Chris Morris‘ new terrorism-inspired comedy Four Lions.

The film – which is released on Friday (May 7) – follows a group of bungling would-be suicide bombers as they attempt to bomb the London Marathon.

Grahame Russell, whose son was among the 52 killed on 7 July 2005, told BBC News that the filmmakers were “morally bankrupt”.

Another, Graham Foulkes, who also lost his son in the bombings, said he and other relatives were appealing to cinemas not to show the film, explaining that though he accepted comedy played a part when dealing with such events, for his family – and others – it was “too soon”.

Four Lions was created by Chris Morris, the comedian behind satires on news and media The Day Today and Brass Eye. He has described Four Lions as showing “the Dad’s Army side to terrorism”.

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