Watch ‘Family Guy’ pay tribute to Carrie Fisher: “We’re incredibly grateful to her”

Fisher played Pawtucket Brewery boss Angela

Family Guy are paying tribute to the late Carrie Fisher as Quahog bid farewell to her character, Angela, in what’s described as a “respectful goodbye.”

Fisher lent her voice to the Pawtucket Brewery boss for 20 episodes. After Fisher’s death in December 2016, she appeared on two more episodes in November 2017, while also featuring in the show’s 2017 Christmas episode.

Angela’s funeral will air tomorrow (December 9) on FOX in the US, which sees Peter Griffin deliver a speech at the event. “I may have lost a boss,” he says. “But heaven has gained a Princess.” You can watch the clip below.


Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the episode, Family Guy‘s executive producer Steve Callaghan said:

“It’s very much intended and a respectful goodbye to both the character of Angela and also Carrie Fisher. Peter has a speech in there where he’s talking about Angela, but we the audience know that he’s also quite deliberately talking about Carrie Fisher.

“It’s not like the entire episode is about Angela’s departure, but it does introduce Peter’s new bosses that then sets the stage for what the episode is about.”

“It would be easy for a less capable actress to make that character kind of one-note, gruff, and yelling all the time. But Carrie brought to it a depth that I don’t think just anyone could have,” he added.


“We’re incredibly grateful to her for that, and we all feel the loss of that now that we’re writing episodes that don’t have Angela in them.”