Fans and stars react to emotional final episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Sitcom comes to an end after 279 episodes

Fans of the The Big Bang Theory have hailed the final episode of the long running comedy series.

The show came to an end last night (May 16) after 12 years and 279 episodes with an hour long finale.

The cast of the show posted a farewell message to fans which you can watch below but many fans also took to Twitter to express their sadness that the comedy series is finally over.


Star Wars actor Mark Hamill was one of the first to tweet about the show’s ending.

“Congratulations @bigbangtheory for 12 history-making years of laughter, elevating nerd-culture to unimagined new heights & triggering countless folks to ask me if I would please officiate at their weddings. Your fan, Bark Hamill,” he wrote.

Another wrote: “I’m gonna cry, i’m sorry but i’m gonna cry,” while another added: “As far as series finales go, that was pretty good. Wrapped everything up nicely and didn’t kill anyone off!”

You can view a selection of reactions below:


Last summer, it was revealed that the long-running series had been cancelled due to star Jim Parsons wanting to quit his role of Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Earlier this month, the cast of the show shared goodbye messages as filming took place for the sitcom’s final ever episode.

Parsons uploaded an image of his character’s old apartment door, while thanking fans for their support throughout the years. “Knock, knock, knock, thank you…” the caption began.

“Thank you, apartment 4A, for being a home to so many dreams come true, to so many friendships made. And thank YOU, ALL of you – yes, YOU, reading this right NOW!”

Johnny Galecki (Dr. Leonard Hofstadter) also took to Instagram with a shot of apartment 4B’s door, explaining that he had “more feelings than words can express” while filming the closing scenes. The actor also tagged his cast mates in the caption.

Elsewhere, Kunal Nayyar (Dr. Raj) posted a touching snap of the main characters embracing in a group hug in the apartment block hallway. Expressing his “love and gratitude”, he posted: “Thank you for letting me share my birthday on stage with my six best friends, And Thank you, for you, because without you- there would be no us. So this goes out to you, the fans… One last time.”

The Big Bang Theory premiered back in 2007 on CBS.