“The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen” – fans react to the overwhelming ‘Euphoria’ finale

Plenty of 'Euphoria' spoilers ahead!

The first season of TVs latest phenomenon Euphoria concluded last night (August 4), with an all-singing, all-dancing (literally) finale, prompting delight, anxiety and confusion in equal measure among fans.

The final episode of the hit teen drama saw an apparent relapse into addiction by lead character Rue (played by Zendaya), after being abandoned by Jules (Hunter Schafer).

The drama morphed into a musical, with the track ‘All For Us’, by Zendaya and Labrinth, peformed by the show’s star alongside a marching band and gospel choir.


The final shot sees Rue falling off the edge of a mass of bodies, before a shining light takes the place of where she had been, prompting fans to think she may have overdosed. It will also add fuel to fan theories that she has been narrating the series from beyond the grave, and is in fact already dead.

Other fan favourites were faced with open-ended conclusions to the series, with many viewers anxious about the fates of Fez, who had apparently been shot, and Cassie, who was undergoing an abortion.

As one fan put it: “So Maddy has the CD, Fez might be dead, Jules clowned us the whole season, rue relapsed, Nate continues to be alive, Cassie got an abortion and McKay wasn’t even there for her and now we have to wait a whole year for season 2?



There was huge praise for the actors’ performances throughout the series, with many fans demanding Emmys for the show’s team.


There were, of course, plenty of fans left desperate for closure. When the official Euphoria Twitter account asked followers for their thoughts, many were quick to express their emotional turmoil.


Euphoria has been one of 2019’s biggest successes, but not without controversy over graphic sequences such as the now-infamous ’30 penises’ scene.

Last month, One Direction fans were left outraged after a graphic animated sex scene featuring the band’s Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles appeared in an episode of Euphoria. “I can categorically say that I was not contacted nor did I approve it,” said Tomlinson.

A second season of Euphoria has been confirmed, with an official release date yet to be revealed.