Fans unearth ‘The Big Bang Theory’ plot hole which renders whole narrative impossible

Fans are digging back into the show's history after it concluded this year

Big Bang Theory fans have unearthed a plot hole in the sitcom which renders the entire show’s narrative impossible.

The show ended after its 12th season earlier this year, and fans have been going back into the show’s history and finding strange irregularities.

In season three of the show, Sheldon Cooper recalls meeting his now-roommate Leonard Hofstadter in 2003, when Leonard knocked on Sheldon’s door, with the two eventually ending up living together.


However, an eagle-eyed fan on Reddit has pointed out that this is a mistake. In season 4, episode 8 – The 21 Second Excitation – Sheldon mentions that he and Leonard once queued for hours outside the premiere to Star Trek: Nemesis together, a film which came out in 2002, before the pair supposedly met.

The new revelation comes after fans picked up on another Big Bang Theory plot hole from the show’s very first season last week.

That plot hole concerned Rajesh Koothrappali’s parents, and his insistence that he can only talk to women if and when he’s drunk.

The cast of The Big Bang Theory shared their memories of the show back in May as they filmed the last ever episode of the series.


Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper, wrote: “As we get ready to tape our final episode tonight, to walk in and out of this apartment door for the last time, it is hard to find the words to articulate what a profound experience this has been. But the words ‘love’ and ‘gratitude’ come to mind… so love and gratitude to all of you. ALL of you. Thank you.”

A new prequel based on the character, Young Sheldon, debuted in 2017.