Father John Misty is trolling jazz fans with his supremely crap new duo, Jazz Imposters

Jazz + jazz = jazz

Last night, just a few days after the release of his brilliant new album ‘Pure Comedy‘, Father John Misty added a new profile picture of himself with his studio engineer, Trevor Spencer. This – this right here was Jazz Imposters.

Then he started leaking several clips of ‘Jazz Imposters’ music. In a move that will surprise zero Father John Misty fans but that will probably irk all fans of jazz, the pair proceed to bosh out amelodic nonsense together, with Tre splodging around on the piano and Josh Tillman actually doing a pretty cool job on the drums (Tillman, of course, spent years as Fleet Foxes‘ drummer).

Midway through the barrage, Tillman says the feedback on his spoof project is “kind of running the gamut. It’s definitely pissing people off, which is how you know you’re doing it right.”

And then there was more:

Fans got so into it, someone made an amazing potential album cover, using Father John’s captions as song titles.

If Jazz Imposters’ approach to jazz recalls anything, it’s Parks & Recreation‘s modern jazz fusion parody ‘Jazz + Jazz = Jazz’ – one of Parks & Rec‘s all-time greatest moments. Like, just look at the shift in Amy Poehler’s facial expressions as it kicks in:

Father John ended the evening with a non-committal sign-off:

Stay tuned for more Jazz Imposters…