Father John Misty shares two new tracks from ‘God’s Favourite Customer’

'Just Dumb Enough to Try' and 'Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All' appear on his next album

After details of Father John Misty‘s new album ‘God’s Favourite Customer’ appeared online yesterday (April 17), Joshua Tillman has now shared two new tracks from the forthcoming record.

One newly surfaced track ‘Just Dumb Enough to Try’ – a title which corresponds with the track listing Reddit users spotted on up for pre-order on iTunes – channels vintage Elton John. It follows on from Father John Misty’s previous single ‘Mr. Tillman’, which also appears to feature on ‘God’s Favourite Customer’.


Father John Misty also shared a second new track titled ‘Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All’ – a spacey, falsetto-covered slab of 70s-nodding pop-rock.

According to the iTunes pre-order page, ‘God’s Favourite Customer’ is due out on June 1, and features 10 tracks.

Last year, Tilman told NME that he was “nearly done” with his fourth LP under his Father John Misty moniker.

He also said that he was working on a variety of songs, with titles including ‘Ouch, I’m Drowning’, ‘Dum Dum Blues’, ‘Mr Tillman, Please Exit The Lobby’, And ‘Well, We’re Only People And There’s Nothing Much We Can Do About It’.

Tillman also described his new album as being “the real ‘I Love You, Honeybear’ but without the cynicism”.


“Most of this next album was written in a six-week period where I was kind of on the straits,” said Tillman of the album, speaking in 2017. ”I was living in a hotel for two months. It’s kind of about… yeah… misadventure. The words were just pouring out of me. It’s really rooted in something that happened last year that was… well, my life blew up.

“I think the music essentially serves the purpose of making the painful and the isolating less painful and less isolating. But in short, it’s a heartache album.”

“It’s got ten songs,” Tillman told NME. The artist then called his previous albums “pretentious” and “squarely concept records”, adding that his next record will have “kinda spritely BPMs”.