“I want to run my fingers up your pussy”: Listen to Fever Ray’s first single in eight years

The video is interesting

Fever Ray was released her first single in eight years.

One half of  Swedish electronic duo The Knife, Fever Ray released her last solo album in 2009.

Last night, new single ‘To The Moon And Back’ was released with an accompanying video on YouTube, which sees a person enter a BDSM scene culminating in a golden shower.


The video opens with someone waking up from being cryogenically frozen before stumbling out and collapsing on the ground.

They are then picked up by a group of kinksters who tie them up and rest a table on their shoulders.

“Your lips, warm and fuzzy, I want to run my fingers up your pussy,” sings Ray, also known as Karin Elisabeth Dreijer.

Watch the video for ‘To The Moon And Back’ below:

News of a possible new Fever Ray album came last year, when she revealed to The Fader that she was working on new material in the studio and had written music for a touring Swedish play.


The Knife announced their disbandment in 2014, but reunited earlier this year to release a pair of creepy Facebook videos in what they called the ‘Mother Of Knives’ cooking class.