German figure skater uses jazz cover of ‘Wonderwall’ during Winter Olympics routine

This year's games are the first to allow music with lyrics in figure skating categories

Following a change to the Olympics’ figure-skating rules, the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang have become the first to allow skaters the use of music with lyrics in their routines – leading to some interesting choices.

So far, this has led to performances of Benjamin Clementine’s ‘Nemesis’, Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’ and Ed Sheeran‘s ‘Make It Rain’ at this year’s event – but the song choice that has most divided viewers is that of Germany’s Paul Fentz, who opted to skate to Paul Anka’s jazz/swing cover of Oasis‘ ‘Wonderwall’.

If you have a TV license you can watch the whole thing on iPlayer from the 14-minute mark, or see a clip below.

Reactions are extremely varied, with one Twitter user writing: “Someone at the Olympics is skating to a Harry Connick-like version of Wonderwall and even if you hate Oasis this is a crime.”

However, the choice got equally positive reviews on Twitter, with one praising the move by writing: “I’ve been awake for three hours. I have no idea who plays for what NBA team, and I just watched a German figure skater perform a ‘Wonderwall’ cover by Paul Anka. Pyeongchang rules.”

Oasis members have yet to publicly react to the cover.