007 Daniel Craig visits British troops in Afghanistan

James Bond visits Camp Bastion for a screening of 'Skyfall'

James Bond star Daniel Craig surprised British troops in Afghanistan by visiting Camp Bastion for a screening of Skyfall.

According to the BBC, around 800 soldiers, sailors and airmen were waiting for their special screening of the latest Bond movie to begin when the 007 actor arrived to introduce it.

Craig was given a tour of the base after the screening and saw some training exercises, some of which he took part in, and was given the opportunity to try out a machine gun in the driving range.

“We get quite a lot of visitors here, but having James Bond was special,” said Warrant Officer Class 1 Rob Ingham who drove around the base in an army Foxhound vehicle with Craig. “He seemed to be pretty comfortable in the driving seat.”

007 also met staff and patients at the Camp Bastion hospital before seeing a demonstration of techniques used to detect and disarm bombs, which he used to search for buried training devices.

Skyfall is the 23rd Bond movie and has been a critical and commercial hit. The film opened in UK cinemas last month (October 26), while current 007 Daniel Craig is believed to be signed up for at least two more movies.