Riz Ahmed shares two poems about Donald Trump’s election win

The 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' actor begins one poem with the words "officially unwanted, out of my element".

British actor-rapper Riz Ahmed has written two poems in response to Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the US Presidential election.

The first is titled “November 9th” after the day that it emerged Trump had beaten Hillary Clinton in the race to the White House. Read it below.

November 9th
Officially unwanted.
Out of my element.
Suddenly I feel heavier,
Sink deeper with each
Forward step. I thought
I ploughed the earth,
Disturbed the mud to bring
Up seeds. Please tell me
We weren’t just digging graves.

The second poem, shared on Ahmed’s Facebook page alongside the first earlier this afternoon, is titled November 10th. Read it below.

November 10th
Some trees have roots
As deep as 6 feet under.
Today we swear to push
through rocks. To grow.
To Reach for light.

Ahmed, who stars in next month’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, has previously written about the problems he has encountered an US airports because of the colour of his skin and his ethnic background.

Meanwhile, the world of music has largely responded in shock and horror to Trump’s victory in the election. Lady Gaga even took to the streets outside Trump Tower in New York City in protest after it emerged that the billionaire businessman had defeated Hillary Clinton.

Robert De Niro has addressed previous comments he made about wanting to punch Trump in the face. “I can’t do that now. He’s the president and I have to respect that position,” he said during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s US chatshow.