Robert Redford reveals plans to retire from acting

Hollywood legend and Sundance founder says he plans to focus on directing from now on.

Robert Redford has revealed that he is calling time on his acting career.

The Hollywood legend landed his first TV role in 1960 and made his first credited film appearance two years later. He has now explained that he intends to focus on directing for the remainder of his professional life.

“I’ve got two acting projects in the works,” Redford, 80, said in a new video interview. “Once they’re done then I’m going to say, ‘OK, that’s goodbye to all that,’ and then just focus on directing.”

His two remaining projects are Our Souls At Night, a romantic drama film for Netflix co-starring Jane Fonda, and Old Man With A Gun, a comedy film with Casey Affleck and Sissy Spacek.

“I’m getting tired of acting,” Redford added later in the interview. “I’m an impatient person, so it’s hard for me to sit around and do take after take after take.”

Redford’s most popular film roles span the decades, from 1969’s Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid to 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He also starred in films including All The President’s Men, Out Of Africa, The Way We Were, Indecent Proposal and Lions For Lambs.

Redford won the Oscar for Best Director for his work behind the camera on 1980’s Ordinary People. He is also celebrated for founding the Sundance Film Festival in 1978.